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憶機企業有限公司專業銷售hv power直流電源供應器直流電源供應器和hv power直流電源供應器高壓源,品質保證,技術領先!以純熟儀器技術,秉持研究開發為導向,將改變部分產品僅能依賴國外進口的傳統迷思,在地化的研發、製造是我們向您的保證,並以客戶需求為其量身打造最合適的hv power直流電源供應器產品。

YJ-Power sells hv power直流電源供應器 DC voltage generator and High voltage power supply in good quality and with advanced technology. With well-versed technical knowledge and pioneering research development, we would love to change status quo that only foreign facility succeeds local facility. With local research and production, we guarantee that we can offer you the most reliable hv power直流電源供應器 products.

憶機企業 hv power直流電源供應器,hv power直流電源供應器 直流電源供應器
電源為一切設備的源頭,穩定可靠的hv power直流電源供應器 電源輸出才能延長產品壽命,於儀器領域從事產品設計、研發歷經卅年,多年來深感國內特殊規格的hv power直流電源供應器儀器市場需求,大部分都需仰賴進口,訂製時間長、價格高、不易提供後續的維護、遇故障時需送到國外維修,不僅往返時間長、維修費用高,維修期間延誤了設計開發和生產時效進度,導致時間與成本遽增。
A good power supply is the very start of every facility. hv power直流電源供應器 supply is exactly the key to extend product life span. With 30-years practice on product-design, and research development, we found that we can only rely on foreign products when in need with hv power直流電源供應器 supply with special specs. Most of them are in high-priced and long-term production, and with less maintenance service. Customers can only send back to manufacturer for repairing, and it takes long time, great costs on money and also delays the production schedule.
「憶機」以純熟儀器技術,秉持研究開發為導向,將改變hv power直流電源供應器產品僅能依賴國外進口的傳統迷思,在地化的研發和製造hv power直流電源供應器設備,是我們向您的保證,並以客戶需求為其量身打造最合適的hv power直流電源供應器產品。 以「精益求精,追求卓越」的信念,致力於提供客戶優良的hv power直流電源供應器品質與技術、零延遲的交期和高效率的客戶服務、合理價格,加上不間斷產品創新與嚴格品質把關是我們對自己的堅持,用心、專注為您做到最好。
YJ-Power would love to overturn the status quo, and engaged in developing local hv power直流電源供應器 facility. We sincerely promise every single clients we will produce the hv power直流電源供應器 products fits customers’ needs. We only pursue summit and the great performance. We commit ourselves in the great quality and skill in hv power直流電源供應器, with high efficiency on customer service, reasonable price, and no delay shipment. With the performance on non-stop innovation and good quality control in hv power直流電源供應器, we will prove our determination.
  • 經營理念:
    Core spirit:
      累積三十年hv power直流電源供應器儀器相關研發與技術
      With 30-years’ experience and research on facility.
      在地化的生產hv power直流電源供應器產品,致使客戶更加便捷
      To provide efficient service with local hv power直流電源供應器 production.
      誤差獲得精準控制,hv power直流電源供應器 儀器品質更上層樓
      To escalate hv power直流電源供應器’s quality with precise control.
      隨時為客戶提供專業hv power直流電源供應器 產品服務及諮詢
      To offer customer professional product service and consolation anytime.
      為客戶量身設計專屬hv power直流電源供應器需求的產品
      To provide hv power直流電源供應器 products with their needs.
  • 產品選單:
      hv power直流電源供應器 Product Lists:
      hv power直流電源供應器直流電源供應器
      hv power直流電源供應器 high DC voltage supply
      hv power直流電源供應器直流電源供應器
      hv power直流電源供應器 AC voltage supply
      hv power直流電源供應器定電流源及定電壓源
      hv power直流電源供應器 CC current supply and CC voltage supply
      hv power直流電源供應器定電流放大器
      hv power直流電源供應器 CC amplifier
      hv power直流電源供應器電壓放大器
      hv power直流電源供應器 voltage amplifier
      hv power直流電源供應器特殊控制功能
      hv power直流電源供應器 special-set function
      hv power直流電源供應器高壓表及電流表
      hv power直流電源供應器 high voltage meter and ammeter
      hv power直流電源供應器訊號產生器
      hv power直流電源供應器 signal generator
  • 憶機企業是專門設計和製造 hv power直流電源供應器 產品:高穩定性和高精準度 儀器等級的直流電源供應器和電流放大器
    YJ-Power designs and manufactures hv power直流電源供應器 products: the high stability and high precision DC voltage supply and current amplifier.
    hv power直流電源供應器電壓放大器:Vmax - 20KV, Amax - 2000A
    hv power直流電源供應器 voltage amplifier: Vmax –20KV, Amax - 2000A
    可接受專門訂製和設計生產各種hv power直流電源供應器特殊規格:全段可調式高壓,中低壓直流Power,恆流源,電壓放大器,電流放大器,高壓模組,產品穩定, 價格合理, 敬請放心訂製。
    We can take customer-made order on hv power直流電源供應器 with special specs in reasonable price, please feel free to contact us.
    歡迎光臨hv power直流電源供應器-憶機企業有限公司:www.yj-power.com.tw